Illinois Roof Inspections can inspect your roof for many reasons.


Just about anybody can look at your roof, but an understanding of roofing system assemblies and failures is what allows us to give you a fair and impartial roofing inspection. The understanding of roofing system installation, allows Illinois Roof Inspections to identify workmanship issues. Understanding common points of failure, unrelated to the roof, such as humidity or structural issues allows Illinois Roof Inspections to provide thorough reports.

If you are buying or selling your commercial or industrial property, or if you just want a fair and impartial assessment of your roof’s current conditions; before you invest you should know the true condition of the roof. That is why you need a detailed roof inspection and report.

The report provided with the detailed roof inspection includes a condition summary, and deficiencies observed during the time of inspection, and life cycle analysis. Color photography, including optional thermal photography, may be provided.

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TPO Roofing System

Reasons to Inspect your Roof

  1. After a heavy storm. Storms create damage to roofing systems that might not be immediately apparent from the interior of the building.
  2. Routinely.  Just like changing the oil in your vehicles, routine roof inspections is a proactive means to find problems, before those problems allow water infiltration into your building.
  3. After Roof Modifications. If you have had modifications to your roofing assembly, often the installation of pipes or penetrations through the roof, a Quality Assurance Inspection ensures all work has been done to industry standards.
  4. Purchasing a Property. By far the most common time a roof should be inspected is before you purchase or sign a long term lease on a piece of property.  Failure to accurately account for roof expenditures could potentially cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in unforeseen costs.

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The building’s roof should be inspected after any severe storm, especially after any storm that involves high sustained winds, heavy wind gusts or tornado-like conditions. All roof surfaces should be inspected for damage caused by wind-blown debris. The roof also should be inspected after any hail or ice storm which could have damaged the roofing system.

The roof should also be inspected after any major repair event, such as replacement of roof top mechanical (HVAC) equipment. It is not uncommon for foot traffic or a misplaced tool to cause damage to the roofing system.

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Ballasted EPDM roofing system

The building’s roof should be inspected before the installation of any over-burden such as roof top decks, patios or other plaza assemblies. It’s important to know the condition of the roof before it is covered. Removing all that over-burden to find a leak can be expensive. Furthermore you would want to know if the roof damage was preexisting or caused at the time the over-burden is installed.

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